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Human Asset Management

Do your people know everything you need them to?

The BAM Easy Learning Management Platform enables you to increase, improve and assess your people's knowledge and capabilities.



BAM Easy Graphic: Workforce


Digital Asset Management

BAM Easy Graphic: Digital

Cruise along the information superhighway.

The BAM Easy Platform is a place for creating Digital Content: Learning Materials, Manuals, Guides, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), etc., and either sharing them internally or with anyone who may find them useful. Users have anytime anywhere access to all materials, right at their fingertips, on any device.



Physical Asset Management

Get organized, and never lose track of an item.SM

Knowing where your physical assets and supplies are at any given time is vital for most businesses, so we incorporated our Stuff Track system into BAM Easy. With Stuff Track, you can identify every space where things are kept (warehouse, storage, vehicle, etc.) and even organize the places within them (shelves, racks, drawers, etc.) like libraries, then you can keep track of where you put stuff and maintain a running inventory.

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